5 Tips for Weight Loss

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What’s the Ayurvedic Perspective on weight loss? Read on to understand how to get to your ideal weight without resorting to diets or excessive workouts!

Dry-Brush Your Body

Learn about the benefits of Ayurvedic Dry Brushing as well as how to do it to get the best results.

Benefits of Abhyanga

Benefits of Abhyanga What is Abhyanga? Abhyanga is the Ayurvedic technique of applying warm, herbal oil on the whole body. It can be a self-massage or performed by a practitioner.  Abhyanga It has a stimulating effect on the lymphatic system, which carries nutrients to cells and removes toxins from them.  Lymph is also connected to… Continue reading Benefits of Abhyanga

Ayurvedic Tips for Summer

Ayurvedic Tips and Suggestions for Summer.

Ayurvedic Seasonal Guide for Fall

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Seasonal Guide Ayurveda for Fall Enjoy our indepth guide to the seasonal changes, recommended routines and self-care practices for fall.  Why a Seasonal Routine? Ayurvedic wisdom considers the seasonal routine an important cornerstone of health.  The forces of nature affect us. Just like the day-night cycle (circadian rhythm) has an impact on our physiology, the… Continue reading Ayurvedic Seasonal Guide for Fall

An Ayurvedic Case Study for Excema

According to the principles of Ayurveda, skin diseases are never a condition of the skin alone.

Skin, the body’s largest organ provides many functions and is a multi-layered reflection of the health of internal organs and systems.

Spring forward into spring

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Spring Forward – Ayurvedic Guidance for Spring Spring is the beautiful season of vibrant colors, joy and celebration. It is also the season of dynamic energy, when nature blooms and flowers around us, birds migrate to warmer regions and many animals spring from hibernation. Spring is a season of physical and emotional burst of energy… Continue reading Spring forward into spring

Dr. Ram Tamang Talks to Frame of Mind on Voice America Radio About Panchakarma

Panchakarma consists of five therapeutic actions to remove toxins from the body including those deriving from stress and illness, in order to create balance in the doshas. Dr. Ram Tamang will go into more depth and explain the many health benefits of this ancient Ayurvedic healing practice.